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Dennis Marks, one of the original writers of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, stated in a 2002 interview that he had come up with the name of Firestar's alias, Angelica Jones, taken from one of his old girlfriends.

In the series, Firestar is identified as being a former member of the X-Men, along with Iceman with whom she occasionally appears to have a playful flirtation and sometimes dates.

At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that "Firestar is going to take her place as a major X-Men character for the first time" starring in the new comic book Amazing X-Men in November 2013.Firestar was later emotionally manipulated by Empath, and accompanied the Hellions Thunderbird, Empath and Roulette on a mission against the X-Men, in which Thunderbird sought revenge on Xavier, thinking him responsible for his brother's death.