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28-Apr-2017 12:54

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“Not much spiritual effort is involved in avoiding excess which will bring us punishment anyway,” the book points out.

What I discovered, when I got rid of the really obvious stuff like adulterous affairs and one-night-stands, was that I could now feel the deeper effects of this addiction.

is a romp back to the great confessional comics of the 1990's and a trip up to the moment of mind-bending modern hijinx.

So few comics find the sweet spot of sensational art, pitch perfect dialogue, compelling characters and flawless storytelling.

If you ask me out, expect to meet me in a public place.

Also, I will be checking in with a meeting buddy before I arrive, and again after I leave.

And in the face of this addiction, can K hold on to his friends, his job, or even his humanity?

My evening prayers no longer sounded like “God, please make him call me.” Then I met a divorcé my own age. I kept going to meetings, though, because I knew that if my life revolved around the relationship, I was going to suffocate it.But you know what Buckaroo Banzai said: “Wherever you go, there you are.” So I stopped sleeping with that particular guy. I made it to seven years of sobriety by, One, working the program and, Two, substituting intoxicating behaviors for intoxicating substances.Turns out that AA (and Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous) is full of willing sex and love addicts.With the touch of a button, K embarks on a dating spree, browsing a digital marketplace of the flesh.

Who can stop when Lovebug offers an endless stream of prospective mates, sorted by algorithms and stored on a distant server, ready on demand like TV episodes or Chinese takeout?

When we eventually got divorced, I kept going to meetings so I would never feel the urge to torch his either wardrobe or his reputation. It was as healthy and appropriate as you could want, and it still didn’t work out.