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16-Nov-2016 19:27

First off, let me say that I usually avoid dinner dates.Having dated more women than a guy could even in ten lifetimes, I can say that in terms of success, it’s not something I would immediately recommend.Well at least not until I pondered on what to write for my first column here.See, dinner dates are not that effective simply because it’s a very “formal” sit down.I was actually surprised to hear that it was just the two of them running this.

Read on and expect some more great articles from Troy in the future!

Meanwhile, Kylie, during the pocket presscon for her album Seasons, finally opened up about the well-publicized separation saying she has already moved on.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is a classic "grey market" car; never sold by Nissan in the US, but enterprising individuals can use some legal loopholes to acquire one and make it street legal.

Other than that, I’m Troy Dizon and I’m here to talk about dating and I’ll break it down to you like a science if you’re clueless or need tips to make your love life more successful.

Let’s start with what I think of the standard dinner date.In fact, the Gran Turismo games helped popularize the Evo series in the US, and Brian's version isn't the last one we'll see in the series.

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