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Tracy explains that she was in poverty and desperate to get any money she could.

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As Tracy was the one responsible for unknowingly hiring someone who has no papers, Jimmy reluctantly fires her.After Eric's son David is diagnosed with testicular cancer, Eric asks Tracy to keep an eye on him.They end up having sex, but David feels betrayed when he realises Tracy knew about his diagnosis, and assumes she only slept with him out of pity.Similarly, Sweden introduced a hotline where anyone could call and speak with a random Swede, which turned out to be delightfully weird.

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Initial users report nothing but pleasantness with Chatible so far, but because the app debuted on Product Hunt means that its early users are more connected than they might’ve guessed.

It is a DVD, entitled Busty Cream Cake Cafe Girls, and after getting Jimmy alone, Rodney reveals the present with Tracy on the front cover.