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The next morning, early enough that we were sure our parents wouldn't have woken up yet, my friend caught a ride home with Monica and her boyfriend.As far as I could tell, taking my virginity hadn't made him madly infatuated with me again.The boyfriend was older and taught us to sneak out of our houses and steal alcohol from our parents.One wintry weekend, we made a daring plan to camp by the lake in our cars.This reassured me that the boys in my car would probably be tired too, so I waited outside in the cold, hoping to hear my car fall silent soon.Eventually I was so cold that I was sure my nipples could cut diamonds, so I ran back to my car and hopped in, but insisted that I was tired and it was time for bed.

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As I passed Monica's car, I heard nothing; she and her boyfriend had gone to sleep.

"You don't want to go downstairs tonight, do you? She had a liberal attitude when it came to physical affection.

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