Tips for updating house

30-Apr-2017 02:33

Plus, you can put your prettiest bottles in the front and add in a plant to make it seem more thought-through."All too often, we fall victim to the adorable throw pillow trap and buy a bunch in the same size.

That's why the sofa looks overwhelmed with cushions, instead of styled.

Modern homes tend to have a lot of clean lines—which can also mean more than a few hard edges.

To soften this look and make the room appear more inviting, Henderson recommends adding a throw or (her favorite) a RENS sheepskin rug from Ikea.

Cabinet knobs or drawer pulls that are awkward to grip will frustrate you in the long run, no matter how great they look.

And a faucet that’s the incorrect size or style for your sink is likely going to make a mess, even if it looks great.

When most people think about increasing the value of their home, they tend to think about big-ticket items: kitchen remodel, bathroom overhaul, new floors, etc.

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There are 3 basic categories that reno projects can fall into: remodeling, refinishing, and redressing.

It’s easy to have the best of both worlds, just make sure you pick your pieces accordingly.

Expand Your Horizons Hardware and department stores have brainwashed us.

It can be draped on a chair or sofa like a throw would be, but it works anywhere because "it adds texture without adding pattern, and warmth without color," she says.

Overstuffed sofas have gone the way of sponge-painted walls, but they're not as easy to get rid of.We go to the bathroom section to get bathroom hardware and accessories and the kitchen section to get kitchen hardware and accessories. Think untraditional functionality – a bathroom towel bar at the end of a kitchen island is perfect for easy-to-access dishtowels; cabinet knobs & drawer pulls can give new life to a dated dresser or wardrobe; and bathroom hooks and racks can provide storage solutions in mud and laundry rooms.

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