Teenagers emotional maturity in dating best friend and the guy you like are dating

04-Jun-2016 09:41

That, by itself, is a great attitude of humility that would make him almost immune to offense. He went on to say that he often found that he had indeed said something that could have been construed as offensive. This way, less in life will offend you and happiness will be much less fleeting too. He would then seek out the offended person and apologize for the misconstrued word or deed. Humility is the friend of inner peace and equanimity. And peace and equanimity are the friends of happiness. So opposition to your point of view offers no grounds for offense. Furthermore, a recent study seems to back up this conclusion.

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Remember, the reason we usually feel offended is because of the meaning we attach to what is said or done: “That means he really love me! ” Reason with yourself: “Did he really mean it the way I was just about to take it? ” You will be happier as you learn to talk yourself out of offense and internalize the sticks-and-stones-may-break-my-bones-but-words-will-never-hurt-me philosophy of communication.