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Master Studios would come to the wiki's chat at a certain time of the day regularly, but in the end neither this chat, nor DPF's, seems to be gathering much traffic.Finally, on 12 April 2012, Johnnomonster set up the current chat room on Chatango's platform.However, the chat was often mistreated as an 'official' chat despite the chat being independently run and rules agreed on by the group of moderators, of which were well received by the majority of its users.The following are features specific to Chatango chatrooms in general, and are not exclusive to the Unterganger's Chat: In August 2012, there had been a notable increase in Untergangers going off topic and overusing Internet acronyms when there is nothing remotely humorous to "LOL" about.This time it received a very positive feedback from Untergangers.The DPF quickly switched its IRC chat room to the Chatango one, thanks to Chatango's extensive support for embedding their chat on other websites.

The chat played a crucial role in the community parodies where Untergangers started making parodies about each other based largely on interactions within the chat.

In late December 2014, the moderators of the chat made the decision to permanently close it as they did not deem further maintenance of the chat to be viable.

An announcement regarding the closure was posted to Pastebin. Very soon after, HRP set up an IRC-based chat room in the DPF.

In late 2012, Slainender became the center of controversy.

He spoke in the chat with mangled English, which caused frustration with most users in the chat and was severely uneducated about any topic being discussed.

When a member make a joke about another member, even though in a friendly way, she would step in to defend the one whom the joke is targeted at although it is not necessary and the recipient of the joke understands it is in a friendly way.

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