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Adrian first sees Sydney at the Moroi Royal Court when Sydney is captured along with Sonya at the Mastranos's.

Adrian describes her as looking 'uptight' after she leaves with the other Alchemists.

While I've had my share of ridiculous, pointless come-ons, I've also met men interested in real dating.

In the past year, I've dated two different men that I met on Tinder. Our first date was in a left-wing cooperative bookstore and cafe.

Sydney Sage first sees Adrian Ivashkov on a security tape from Las Vegas when Rose Hathaway was there to turn Dimitri Belikov back into a Dhampir.

When Sydney sees Adrian, she tells Rose she thinks he's cute.

However, I am also someone who enjoys dating and believes it's possible to date genuinely care about someone without falling madly in love with them.

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Our dinner, at a local restaurant specializing in all kinds of meat, lasted four hours.Unfortunately, as two people with impossibly tight and busy schedules, we weren't able to (or perhaps were unwilling or frightened) to carve out enough time in our schedules to really give the relationship a chance.I've also been on several first dates that didn't lead to second dates with other men I've met on Tinder.Then we looked for a place to continue the conversation, gave up, and he brought me home, walked me to the door and gave me a goodnight kiss.

He had a wonderful combination of piercing and wide-ranging intelligence, a sense of humor, and a good job –he played guitar in a metal band.Especially for women who are middle-aged and older, it feels nice to be 'seen' at a time when society tells you that you are becoming "invisible" unless you look like Jennifer Lopez or Cindy Crawford.

Here’s the hot tip: never make assumptions or trust in guesswork about each other when a direct question will suffice.… continue reading »

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Tackling first-time sex completely sober can cause feelings of anxiety and insecurity which must be dealt with by being honest with yourself and with your partner about how quickly you want things to proceed.… continue reading »

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Relationships are complicated, and questions without any kind of context cannot tell you all you need to know about a person.… continue reading »

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I call that "buying approval." Accepting that true approval is based on who I am and the quality of what I do, not on doing favors, helped me slowly break my people-pleaser habits. And it can be scary if you don't know how people will respond when you're no longer a pushover. How often do you complain that you feel used or taken advantage of or that you always pitch in for others but nobody is there for you?… continue reading »

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