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Before we start, you might as well read the legal stuff below.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Note that there is NO WARRANTY for this software and the author assumes no responsibilities for any damages or losses caused by these programs.

Don't forget to move the *.class files that are generated by the compiler to the appropriate webpages/ directory! If the chatserver program is not on your webserver, then transfer it to your webserver now.

You can see some snapshots of the program in action by clicking on the screen shots below. I've tried to make the chat server code stick to the ANSI C standard as much as possible, so it should compile under other hardware platforms such as Sun SPARC or Power PC hopefully.

The chat clients are written in Java and should run under any OS on PCs, Macs, Suns, HP Apollos, SGIs, Crays etc. The first one uses AWT components from Java 1.1 and the second one uses the newer Swing components that came with Java 1.2. What is the difference between the two java chat clients? The version that uses Swing components shows different messages in different colors and the controls look a little more niftier. Only please leave my original copyright messages in the code.

As of 01/12/2002, the Swing version also supports emoticons and clickable URL labels. Also, if you send me your changes, you might find your name in the credits in the next version. If you're using Linux on an x86 server, then a precompiled copy of the chat server program (chatserver) is already in the chat-server/bin/ subdirectory.

However, some browsers will require a plug-in to be downloaded before they can use the Swing component version. If you have a different environment or you just feel like recompiling the code again, go to the chat-server/src/ directory and type: This should recompile the chatserver again.

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