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“ “We were a fun band having a good time,” he recalls. He wrote the title track for his most recent album, “Folksinger,” in the middle of the night before he played the main stage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.“My BMI checks were about .”Then they wrote “You Were Meant for Me” on a whale watching trip to Mexico that included the two of them inadvertently accompanying the Federales on a major drug bust (It’s a long story). A satirical folk anthem, it was inspired by his decidedly non-glamorous life on the road, singing and playing guitar, and telling stories for an incredible 220 dates a year.The series continues with with former San Diego singer/songwriter Steve Poltz. All concerts are general admission and standing room only. For more information, visit the website or call (858) 534-3474.

What: 33rd annual Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music When: Steve Poltz performs at 4 p.m. June 12Where: Hop Monk Stage, Seventh Street, downtown Novato Admission: Free Information: Singer-songwriter-guitarist Steve Poltz, who hit the jackpot co-writing Jewel’s 1996 smash single “You Were Meant for Me” and has lived the life of an itinerant troubadour ever since, suffered a stroke on stage a year and a half ago that somehow rearranged his brain cells, turning him into a latter-day Deadhead.“You Were Meant for Me” was the second single on Jewel’s debut album, “Pieces of You,” the record that made the beautiful young blonde a star overnight. “I thought of every bad thing that had happened to me since I’ve been on the road and it in the song,” he says, reciting a few lines for me:“You finally reach the club and they got no posters up/Play to 12 people, half are puking in a cup/Sell two CDs, give another six away/You’re hoping somebody has a place for you to stay/Got a 10-hour drive in the morning, but you don’t sweat it/Keep thinking about the gig last night and wish you could forget it.”Lives as touring musicians eventually pulled him and Jewel apart, but they stay in touch.Poltz appears shirtless with her on a sexy video for the song that won best female video at the 1997 MTV Awards and helped rocket the song to No. And the song they wrote together is a remarkable rags-to-riches story they will always share.Some people seem to like that, they like to laugh, and there's always a lot of laughter, and stories, and songs, and hopefully a sense of redemption at the end of the show. I can usually feel it, and see it in people's faces.

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Hopefully there's some sense of unity in the room, and I haven't offended them.Steve Poltz is coming to Meaford Hall on October 29.

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