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04-Apr-2017 09:57

The next time around just keep in mind my cardinal rule for women, Don’t Do Anything. If you really want to know where you stand with a guy, you don’t have to text him. Not about the texting or the frustration…but about letting the guy know too much too fast. I sent him my usual daily email to say hi and how you’re doing and also called to say hello before I went to bed since I go to bed at pm and he gets off work later.For 2 days I did my usual and did not hear anything.He says it is easier to remain friends with her than not to, but I personally won’t surround myself with people who are so toxic.

All I know is that without having the opportunity to listen to a human voice, process the information, and explain oneself patiently, it is next to impossible to have a productive discussion via email.In short, you emailed him to say hi, you followed up with a phone call, and then sent several frustrated text messages. Without knowing what you wrote/said, I would just ask how you’d react if your new guy started emailing, calling and texting you in rapid succession. She was reading me emails that she wrote to her boyfriend about how she was upset that she hasn’t yet met his kids.“Needy”, “desperate” and “stalker” are three of the first words that come to mind to describe that guy. The emails were articulate, heartfelt…and utterly the worst possible way to communicate such an important relationship issue.(And if you doubt me, just read the comments on this blog!

) Suffice it to say, Roberta, there’s no fixing what’s already been broken. Just pay attention to the last time he called to make plans.