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She was also involved in eventual feud between those two.

As Test's on-screen marketing agent, she invented the idea that Test should call his fans "Testicles," cut his hair and reshape his image.

She began to use her real name and became the valet for Shawn Stasiak.

Stacy also had a short feud with Kimberly Page early in her career.

However, in a storyline, Test became jealous of Stacy wanting to also be Steiner's manager.

During a match on RAW, Test turned heel and started to verbally abuse Stacy.

Test delivered a low blow to Stacy to pick up the win.

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During her time on RAW Stacy managed Scott Steiner and Test, the latter of which was her real-life boyfriend at the time.

Initially a Nitro Girl, she soon became a valet using the provocative stage name Miss Hancock (originally supposed to have been Miss Handcock), briefly serving as an associate for the tag team of Lenny Lane and Lodi dubbed "Standards and Practices".