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01-Feb-2017 10:35

“I do believe that Dylan believes that this actually happened to her, so she’s clearly in a lot of pain and very troubled about it,” Nelkin said.

“But I chose to speak out because I was very disturbed by this and I’ve known Woody for a really long time.

Elkan Abramowitz, who represented Allen at the time of the original investigation into abuse two decades ago, told NBC News that the "timing is suspect," and linked the accusations to Allen's recent Golden Globes life achievement award.

"Nothing's happened, they haven't had any relationship for the last 20 years.

He started college at New York University with communication and film but dropped out after failing in Motion Picture Production.

He then later joined City College of New York but he failed there too.

Last week, in a letter published by The New York Times, Dylan Farrow repeated her allegations that Allen sexually assaulted her in the Connecticut house where she lived with her mother, Allen's then-girlfriend Mia Farrow.

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Nelkin, who dated Allen when she was 17 and he was 42 after meeting on the set of his film "Manhattan," said she didn't believe Dylan Farrow's accusations against Allen.Stacey Nelkin, an actress who dated Woody Allen while he was middle-aged and she was still in high school, is continuing to defend the embattled director, saying sexual assault allegations are being unearthed to generate publicity for Ronan Farrow’s new MSNBC program.“I, myself, was a little bit suspicious about the timing of this, with the article in Vanity Fair and this letter coming out,” Nelkin said during an appearance this week on Huff Post Live.The accusations from the Farrows, says awards handicapper Tom O'Neil of, could be seen as "Oscar war" and "in their battle against 'Blue Jasmine,' Cate Blanchett could be a casualty of the war." He said, however, that she probably won't take sides, making her less vulnerable in her Oscar bid.

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Blanchett has spoken once on the issue, telling a reporter at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last weekend "it's obviously been a long and painful situation for the family and I hope they find some sort of resolution and peace".

Despite his unorthodox sexual history, Nelkin argued that Allen’s attraction to younger women does not mean he is a pedophile.

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