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24-Sep-2016 02:52

Which means this post is for those of you who romantically believe in your CCI destiny. I loved Comic-Con, I was devoted to it, surely the gods of lodging and nerddom would gift me with a decent hotel room, right?

Then I got one of these: If you've gotten locked out of the hotel sale, you know what a kick in the teeth it is.

You don't need any kind of training or know-how, and you'll get into the Con for free the day of your assignment.

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But it's far easier for people to doctor up convincing badge fascimiles and sell those Yes, CCI security guards do random checkpoints, where they ask for a photo ID and match it to your badge.

Again, though, on the downtown issue - last year out of a sample group of 30, only one person (me) got a downtown hotel - and it was Wyndham Bayside, the farthest-away downtown hotel you can get.