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The Lewandowski Hackensack River Bridge carrying the Eastern Spur over the Hackensack River was named in honor of the three Lewandowski brothers, who were killed in action during World War II within 18 months of each other.The New Jersey Turnpike is a closed-system toll road, using a system of long-distance tickets, obtained once by a motorist upon entering and surrendered upon exiting at toll gates. The toll fee depends on the distance traveled between entrance and exit, and longer distances result in higher tolls.The northern part of the mainline turnpike, along with the entirety of its extensions and spurs, is part of the Interstate Highway System, designated as I-95 between exit 6 and its northern end.South of exit 6, it has the unsigned Route 700 designation.The Turnpike is a major thoroughfare providing access to various localities in New Jersey, as well as Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York.The route divides into four roadways between exit 6 and exit 14, with the inner lanes restricted to carrying only cars, and with the outer lanes for cars, trucks and buses.In September 2000, the Turnpike introduced E-ZPass electronic toll collection.Discounts were available to all users of the E-ZPass system until 2002.

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None of these state highway designations have ever been signed.Having a total length of 122.40 mi (196.98 km), the Turnpike's southern terminus begins at Interstate 295 (I-295) near the border of Pennsville and Carneys Point Townships in Salem County, one mile east of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

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