South korean dating customs

27-Nov-2016 02:38

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Believe it or not, Korea is home to a lot of Drag Queens. If you're not familiar with Gay dating apps (which I'm sure most people aren't), then you may mix up the gays from the straights in Korea since most of the men are a tad bit more feminine than you'd expect.

Some may think "If Koreans don't believe in homosexuality, would I even see a drag queen? At gay clubs, art showcases, nightly performances, comedy shows and even protests, Drag Queens can be seen throughout Korea more than you'd expect. A couple of famous Drag Queens hailing from Korea are Hurricane Kimchi and current TV sensation, Kim Chi. All this aside, Korea's government actually bans the usage of popular gay dating apps such as 'Grindr' (Gay Tinder, but gays had it first!! However, some tech-savvy naysayers developed apps of their own in search of their fellow friends.

"We don't worry that our sons and daughters are gay; we worry that they'll have to live in a world full of hate and discrimination." Or "We hope the society that LGBTQ don't need to prepare to come out while afraid of their parents to accept them or not." As a closeted bisexual this really hit hard.

Sexuality in South Korea has been influenced by culture, religion, and westernization.

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It only recently became a place of gay nightlife and is evolving rapidly with more bars, but it is mainly among Koreans themselves who spread the word through the grapevine, leaving 'Homo Hill' in Itaewon more of a place for foreigners if anything.Now this is a definite 'hold da phone' moment as even I was not prepared for seeing this when visiting Korea.Believe it or not, there are many gay oriented jimjjilbangs (saunas) in Korea that have some unique rules when attending (be aware of which tub you decide to bathe in).Sadly, this thread shows that to be a long way away.

Thirdly, I have made many observations since I came out of the closet 35 years ago(you have no idea how bad it was then), that those who bash LGBTQ's the MOST have deep rooted issues in their own sexuality, and bullying us is compensation for failure to face their own demons. seriously speakin,correct mi if i m wrong,buh southkorea is one country dat dey hav citizens n celebrities dat r vey diferent from der real self n dat is y most pple hav trust issues wit der favourite celeb bcus dey lie,der companies lie,der manager lie n is a shame dat it is mostly der fans dat say d trut buh sumtimes der fans do lie as well.

TT_TTNow don't think gay people are just horny or incarnations of the devil -- they are human and have needs, too.

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