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17-Apr-2017 22:23

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Just because he doesn't talk to any other girls so he wants me to do the same, jus because he doesn't like to go to disc he says is that the only way of enjoying as I enjoy dancing.its really difficult for me to handle and things even hit me hard.I don't how much patience I need to have and how I will have to tolerate when he will love and express the same way I do. I will always love my true love...a beautifully romantic sensitive man. Besides if you really like her let your love be strong and free.he loves me no doubt, he is possessive and loves me like crazy, but neither he would express, nor he would compromise and at times brings his big fat ego in between when he should actually support me or console me. I was always so in tune with each other and still are...can't find anything like it and it took a separation for me to see this! now marred with 3 kids can't stop wondering how it would be with him. What must matter is that SHE IS HAPPY WITH WHOMSOEVER SHE WANTS TO BE WITH. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Pisces and Capricorn compatibility article on this relationship first.

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It doesn't make sense, but how I feel is often unrequited even if he loves me back!I met him through his friend that I hooked up with. some kind of way we became friends then we started having sex. We have been together a long time and we are going to try a threesome, first with a straight male and then a bisexual female.I told him that my feelings were getting involved and all of a sudden he says he has a girlfriend. We would like to know what sign would be most compatible with us for this one time role?but I knew from day 1, I took him for granted..both moved on but still love each other madly and unconditionally, so real so wholesome..caps should marry Piscean if only they weren't so ruled by fear and doubt. I know for sure I'd be much happier more fulfilled..on to those slippery magical creatures I'm completely head over heels for my best friend who just happens to be a Pisces. When we're at yoga, we are very close and we get along very well. I have been friends with this Pisces male for four years now..things between us are Steaming lol He makes me blush and brings me out my shell jus by the sound of his voice.

However, it's been 2 years, and we've only hung outside of yoga once, we see each other almost every day, and I would like to spend time with him outside of yoga. You can't really stop anyone from doing whatever he/she wants to. but he recently broke up with his girlfriend of two or three years.

They don't express their feelings very well verbally but they make up in the lil things they do and say. they love sex they will use whatever weakness you have to manipulate into doing what they want u 2 do or give they're protective and romantic. They love to argue and hate to work I'm a Capricorn Woman and I find that Pisces Men are drawn to me and vice versa. But the idea of a commitment seems to intimidate them or make them uncomfortable, even if they are actually committed in action. They have a hard time letting completely go of someone they love because they crave love.