Soulja boy still dating diamond personal description on dating sites

30-Nov-2017 04:46

“I guess because I’ve been doing it for so long that I feel older.

Most people are just getting started.” The ATL rapper is currently dating fellow rapper Soulja Boy, who also found success at a young age.

The 22-year-old former Crime Mob queen said that she was drawn to Soulja Boy's intelligence and willingness to "teach" her."We've been friends for a while," Diamond explained in an interview with Dr. It is what it is."While Lil Scrappy's mom, Mama D, threatened to "take her on the Ave.

Sometimes guys may not want to teach you, they may want to compete. But that was like one of the key things that captured my attention."Earlier this week, Soulja Boy similarly revealed that the couple had been "rocking heavy," though he conceded that there were still issues they had to deal with, due to their celebrity status."It don't matter who girl it would've been," he told XXL.

She should know better than anybody that soulja boy isnt ready to be monagamous. Today, ‘Soulja Boy Tell Em’ enjoys 1,434,886 followers on Instagram and 4.65 million Twitter followers. Supporters of Soulja Boy believe that the paternity test now gives him a chance to truly put the matter behind him.

With 10 years invested in rap game, the 24 year-old is ready to take on the world in new ways.

“For me, it’s overcoming things,” she told The Jasmine Brand in a recent interview.

“And showing that I can stand as an individual outside of Crime Mobb.” Crime Mobb went platinum for their hit “Knuck If You Buck” and also followed similar success with the single “Rock Yo Hips.” But Diamond knows that having longevity doesn’t come a dime a dozen.

I wonder what Momma Dee is going to say about this…

Here’s the proof that you saw exactly what you thought you saw during the BET Music Awards, Diamond and Soulja Boy dating: Diamond tweeted this photo and uploaded it to her Instagram during the BET Music Awards 2012.

Soulja has always denied that he fathered that baby, but agreed to confirm it after his ex-not baby mama produced a photo from 2007 showing Mackey sitting on Soulja’s lap in his bedroom, according to “She dumb too COME ON NOW!!!

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