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21-Aug-2016 11:05

When a few dozen people camp at the same water source, the number and size of their campsites increase. By hiking southbound, you’re choosing to hike in less popular times and locations.

Honestly, it’s often life circumstances that dictate the direction you’ll go. SOBO is short for southbound, as in, a southbound thru-hike.

Generally, backpacking season is over around the end of September.

It’s debatable whether a southbound hike has a tighter window of opportunity and thus requires a faster pace.

Starting a southbound hike is a bit of a logistical problem as it’s illegal to enter the United States from Canada via the PCT. You’re likely going to start your hike in the United States from Hart’s Pass.

From Hart’s Pass, you will hike north to the Canadian border and then start your southbound journey from there.Imagine months out in nature, mostly with your thoughts and the sights and sounds around you.