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Every few months she would create a new sissy dress, each more flowery than the last.

There was only one part of her week that this 19 year old girl, though with the mind of a 2 year old, hated.

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That was part of her duty in which she'd been well instructed. The gun sticking into her back, she was pushed, frightened out of her wits, along the long corridor. Then the warder tipped a heap of powder over her body. Then it was "Medicine Time." That's what she told 882, who though not knowing the word, saw the bottle and accepted the spoon with its pink liquid into her mouth. I guess you would be loving this as much as he was! She tried to tell him, she had never done it like this before. So in his pink dress, he was returned to the corridor, gun waving at him.882 also had other duties, like sweeping the kitchens and the outside yard.