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20-Jan-2017 13:08

This will help to make the transition to online teaching much easier.

Chances are you won’t be starting from scratch, but that doesn’t mean that transferring your teaching online will just happen effortlessly.

Not everyone knows this but Skype actually allows you to share your screen really easily. I’ve already mentioned sharing your presentations and other resources with students in their folder, but if they’re not logged in to the right Google account, it might just be easier to share your screen with them.

Focus your attention on Powerpoints, PDFs and Word documents – all things you can display and share easily with your online students. My absolute essential for “real life” teaching is a whiteboard. As well as sharing presentations and documents with students in their private folder on my Google Drive, each student also gets their own Google Drawings document that we use as a whiteboard when necessary.

However, relying on tutor ‘marketplaces’ alone will not give you a stable income and isn’t what I recommend when it comes to building a sustainable online teaching business.