Skype sex chat male script

24-Oct-2016 06:06

@sweet1993 This happens a lot on Skype, and I'm sure it's not just Americans who try to proposition people for sexual purposes.

The best thing is to make sure that you only add people you know in real life or a friend of someone you trust.

I am not comfortable with that and I refused in both cases and both guys were really upset.

I don't wear sexy dress while I'm chatting with them. I don't know if it's OK in american culture or not because I'm not familiar with western culture much.

If you get random contact requests I suggest declining unless you've been informed who this contact was previously.

@Princess Bijira you are right but the problem is that i don't know any american people in real life but let me explain, I don't add people randomly. I think you should avoid that site in the future, these people seem to be trying to take advantage of people who don't speak English as their native language.

I'm sorry you found some stupid, immature men to chat with.You sound very innocent and I don't want you to end up in the wreckless lifestyle of many Americans. Plus some people do things online they wouldn't do in person.I love my country, but many people make it so pathetic. There is no need to answer any questions you feel uncomfortable with, and It's a good idea to keep in mind some people start with stuff that's a little bit of a grey area to 'test the waters' - ie. Hearing more about why you are doing this, I do hope you find people who you can comfortably converse with! It's just the behaviour of a few men who want an easy target.Be firm and cordial when you refuse, and if they don't listen to reason, block them at all costs.

This is, unfortunately, normal if these are men you (or anyone you know and trust) didn't know before these chats and may have been added to your contacts randomly.I would advise against talking to guys on Skype, they will usually think that you are open to sexual advances and such.