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Better lighting can mean the difference between seeing the face you love and seeing a grainy silhouette.

Make sure your background is stationary: If you're in a bustling coffee shop or have a large screen TV behind you, move somewhere else.

Close any unnecessary programs, specifically those that are using your internet, and you might find that the call quality increases dramatically.

Use wired Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is okay, but you're much more likely to get lag and interference, which can make your video and audio uneven.

Wired internet will give you a much smoother, more consistent experience.

Adjust your webcam's video settings: Most webcams (including inbuilt laptop versions) allow you to tweak the brightness, contrast, microphone volume, and more from within their settings.

Adjust any brightness, exposure, colour, while balance and other sliders until your video looks better.

While it isn't realistic to expect the same level of quality Skype shows off in its commercials, you can probably make your chats look better, sound better and generally run more smoothly with a few simple tweaks at home.

Quit Skype if its open, and open up Windows Explorer. When you open up Skype, you should notice that your video is much smoother, though it will likely be blurrier.

It isn't a perfect fix, but if you'd rather have smooth video than high-resolution video, it's a little hack that can help.

It is a deliberate tactic to try to evade detection by authorities like the AFP, because it leaves little to no digital trail."Certainly we're seeing an alarming trend of Australians that are engaged in this activity," AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Saunders told 7.30."It's no different to you or I, if we were going on and communicating between each other on Face Time or Skype where you're on a conversation with another person and there's no record of the conversation you're having during that time."Despite that, the AFP is having some success targeting live-streaming abusers.7.30 has been told the inside story of an extraordinary international crime-fighting operation that nabbed multiple live-streaming abusers and rescued children from harm.

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