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03-Feb-2017 08:35

Bevor er mit 23 Jahren Nine Inch Nails gründete, spielte Trent Reznor in etlichen lokal bekannten Bands, in welchen er sich jedoch nie frei genug fühlte, um eigene musikalische Ideen in befriedigendem Maße umzusetzen. Oktober 1989 und erreichte bis heute dreimal Platinstatus in den USA.

Wie Trent Reznor auf den Namen Nine Inch Nails kam, erklärt er augenzwinkernd im folgenden Zitat: “I don't know if you've ever tried to think of band names, but usually you think you have a great one and you look at it the next day and it's stupid. nine inch nails lasted the two-week test, looked great in print, and could be abbreviated easily. Es wurden die drei Singles Head like a Hole, Down in It und Sin ausgekoppelt.

Matches are not currently picked out by language-analysing algorithms but simply by users swiping through profiles peppered with Twitter information. Mr Smith told Mail Online: 'The next step for us is an exciting new area in dating of matching algorithms based on language analysis.'We're already developing a new feature, planned for release by the end of 2017, where we show a 'compatibility score' between two users based on their language used, both at the pre-match stage (i.e.

when you view another Twitter-connected user) and the post-match stage (when you're chatting to another user).

'Because on a date in real life, looks matter, but what you say counts.'As well as your most recent tweets, the profile includes up to six pictures, and details such as a user's job, education and political views, common friends and interests.

Singles looking for love can anonymously swipe through other profiles and can connect if they 'like' each other – much like on Tinder.

The app, called Loveflutter, was inspired by a Mail Online article and claims to be the first to use Twitter, letting users display their tweets on their profile.

Ahead of its launch this year, it has released an online interactive tool that lets anyone input their Twitter handle to find out their personality, and get dating advice.

If you're fed up of ogling profile pictures of singles only to swipe right in vain, then there's good news.

A new dating app lets users find matches based on more than just looks.Der Musiksender MTV spielte Head like a Hole häufig, was den Bekanntheitsgrad der Band erhöhte.