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There was a delicate balance between the humor and the pathos to Kanji that at times was a very precarious line to walk.We didn't want to push it too far, for fear of Kanji becoming comic relief, rather than a plot moving element with a stupendous character arc.discussing 'who kanji was' rather than just 'how does this line sound'.They were incredibly patient and gracious, open to ideas and more than anything we had fun with it.Since we started over 21 years ago, our members have been our higest priority!Auditioned for the role of Kyoya Otori in Ouran High School Host Club and would've got the role, but due to a busy schedule he was unable to work on the show. Second, wait for me and Nolan North to die." (on Kanji from Persona 4) "Kanji is far and away one of the most intriguing characters I've ever played.

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He stepped down from his roles in Naruto and that's a union series.

He's just at a point in his life where he wants and is able to prioritize other things, even outside of voice acting like mocap direction and [email protected] I've noticed that there's a common misconception when it comes to whether or not Troy is a union voice actor or not.

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