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^H \lc;^ \ n 1 'I THE NEW YORK Y ^L'BL/C LIBRARY 1 \^^5*'»-, Lenox and TWen, foundations. THE HISTORY OF CONCORD MASSACHUSETTS VOLUME I COLONIAL CONCORD BY ALFRED SERENO HUDSON Author of "History of Sudbury, Mass." «* The Annals of Sudbury, Wayland and Maynard." " History of the First Congrega- tional Church, Ayer, Mass." " Memoirs of Luther Blanchard, Fifer of the Acton Minutemcn, April 19, 1 77 5-" The Erudite Press Concord, Massachusetts 1904 [THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY 309515 ASTOR, LENOX / TILDEN FOUMD^-, Copyright, 1904, by Alfred Sereno Hudson TO THE AND OF OTHERS WHO EARLY WENT TO THE TOWN, AND BY THEIR TOILS AND PRAYERS CONTRIBUTED TO ITS ESTABLISHMENT AND PERMANENT SUCCESS, THIS BOOK IS RESPECTFULLY INSCRIBED BY THE Att«90r 'jf PREFACE The town of Concord is probably as attractive in histori- cal features as any in this country. In some instances "it was resoluted," and so recorded, but generally, acts were passed by a "majer vote" or by a division of voters, and the record might read "by a clere vote." The resolutions and measures adopted ranged all the way from the appropriation of twenty shil- lings to pay for the "diet" of the deputy to the Colonial Court, to the requisition of a receipt from Abimeleck Bate- man for the ninepence paid for publicly whipping a stranger 52 Colonial for disorderly drunkenness, and for the sixpence paid for placing a persistent Sabbath breaker in the stocks.

It should have such a back- ground or setting of general history as will give the reader an intelligent understanding of the causes and results of the local events described. There are many sub- jects which will always be matters of doubt and controversy. We were not long in reaching Timothy's house, which was a plain structure with a stout frame roughly boarded with thick planks set upright inside, both for finish and for defence from attacks of the Northern and Eastern Indians.

The work is designed to be in two volumes ; the first entitled Colonial Concord: the second, Provincial Concord. Not caring to be too inquisitive at the outset, for we knew there would be much to inquire about, we asked no questions on the subject, but by the data obtained from the sparks and elsewhere we inferred that there was a daily herding of these animals, and that it was done by each householder in turn collecting them in the morning and returning them to the barnyard at evening; and if we are right in the above infer- ence we may well wait for a moment at the next bar-way while we reflect upon a custom that has such pleasing and pastoral relations.