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He also did all of this in familiar surroundings—as if the women were merely part of the buildings and organizations that he owned.Trump has also responded to their allegations in a consistent and conspicuously aggressive way.The question in the /ABC poll could be reframed: Which Trump do you believe?The candidate in the final stretch of his failing Presidential bid, or the man in 2005, whose boasts are corroborated by more than a dozen women?In 2004, he said that it was fine to call his daughter a “piece of ass.” This isn’t sexual misconduct as much as it is the language of a man who doesn’t believe that such a thing really exists.Trump’s accusers have tellingly similar stories: he kissed them, he groped them, he leered at them, he seemed blind to the idea of mutual interest.As many have pointed out, this is not a “he said, she said” situation.Jake Tapper, on CNN, called it a “she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation”—and, of course, Trump said it, too.

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“I just start kissing them,” he bragged, talking to Billy Bush, the show’s host. You can do anything.” At the second Presidential debate, Anderson Cooper pointed out to Trump that he was describing sexual assault, and pressed him on the obvious question: Had he actually ever done the things he bragged about?It seems entirely clear that these allegations disturb Trump only because they inconvenience him.He has not once spoken about the matter as if he understands that groping women, in itself, is wrong.He remains his own most prolific accuser: consider the time he told ABC that he had advised his friends to “be rougher” with their wives; or the 1992 video in which he says in front of a very young girl that he’ll be “dating her in ten years”; or the Chicago story, also from 1992, in which he gives two fourteen-year-olds a “couple” of years before he’ll date them.

In 1999, Trump told Stern in mock dismay that his daughter Ivanka, then seventeen, had made him promise never to date anyone younger than her.Trump lodged his own sexual-misconduct allegations. And, to deny them, he has to impute dishonesty not just to all the women who have come out in agreement with him but to his former self.

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