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For Families, are passionate about helping young men “guard their heart, get the girl, and save the world.” Barrett encourages parents to talk to their sons about guarding their eyes as well as applying wisdom in relationships, even if that means delaying dating. On this subject, many people have called them refreshingly blunt.

Popular speakers on issues related to marriage and family life, they have a heart for equipping parents to help their kids navigate their sexuality.

The Zellers recall the challenges and successes of raising their three boys, who would all eventually go ... Michelle Cretella give parents sound advice for settling down little ones at bedtime.

Listen to the series The media and culture are turning today's youth away from Biblical values. Youth culture expert Jonathan Mc Kee says that our youth really want to share their hearts, but parents need to ask the right questions, especially regarding the topic of sex. Listen to the series Chris and Michelle Groff recall the night friends awakened them at a.m. Shocked and confused by their son's behavior and revealed drug abuse, the Groffs realigned their priorities as a family. They also talk about the effects of screen time on children, and together they give moms and dads some sound advice for preparing their sons and daughters for adolescence....

Bill Hendricks, president of the Giftedness Center, a consulting firm specializing in career guidance, offers some practical advice for discovering your passion. Listen to the series Is someone in your home boy-crazy?

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Listen to the series A boy without a father is like an explorer without a map.Now a husband and father of three, Harris takes a second look at some of his earlier assumptions and considers how he would say things differently if given the opportunity....