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When Dean's phone start “blowing up,” Sam grabs it to see what is going on.He discovers that Dean has a dating app, and that they came here so Dean could hook up with a woman.He wants to know why she left, so Hannah explains that she is having an affair with Castiel.When Joe doesn't believe her, she kisses Castiel, and then the two of them leave.Sam & Dean are eating in a restaurant and Sam is looking through the paper for a case.Dean says there isn't a case, that they stopped to get a good steak.Crowley is not pleased, proclaims the sex trade is tacky and wants it cleaned up.

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The boys research the hex used to kill Raul, and they discover that a witch, by the name of Rowena, created it, and she was the only one that ever used it.

Dean wants to help Shaylene, so Sam & Dean set a trap for her pimp, who is a demon.

After catching him in a devil's trap, they question the demon to find out how many girls are involved.

Before he can answer, Shaylene kills the demon in a fit of anger so the boys have to track down clues elsewhere.

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Meanwhile, Rowena arrives at the brothel where the sex for souls trade is headquartered.Come visit Rite Aid Ellsworth at 260 High Street to see how With Us, It’s Personal.