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He knew the Perry woman and her daughter through her ex-husband, he said, but he'd never met Hernandez-Ventura.Hernandez-Ventura does not have a prior criminal history in Iowa, online court records show.They’re the adoptive parents of 16-year-old Sabrina Ray, who was found dead on 12 May inside the family’s home in Perry, 35 miles northwest of Des Moines, Iowa.Police say preliminary autopsy results show she was severely malnourished.But the house teaches me to cook, dust, vacuum, polish, and launder.When I steer a cart through the local market, the spirits of the parents who provided for their kids in the big house guide my arm to Ajax, Clorox and Pine-Sol—safe, familiar brand names I know from my childhood.Yards from me, on the cracked driveway, I’ve stacked three bags of concrete mix in a squat pyramid. She is eight years old, and she is coming to live with me; I am terrified. Once my terry cloth tennis wristlets are saturated, the shovel handle becomes slick.

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**** August 1, I pick up Jessica in southern Wisconsin, where her mother and her mother’s husband attend his family’s reunion.I work the brush along the line her part should follow, push the brush to her scalp and tug. Until that moment the hairbrush tangles, I did not realize the degree to which my kid is at some psychological risk.