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Elliott, a health counselor at the Virginia Department of Health and Pride of America pageant winner, has his share of story-worthy dating experiences just like the rest of us, like the guy who pulled a single orange rose out of his shirtsleeve at dinner and traveled across the state to retrieve a bouquet of bacon roses for Elliott for Valentine’s Day.“Dating in Charlottesville can be as uptight and stressful as you want it to be, or as relaxed and carefree as you want it to be,” says Elliott.The Sex in the City: Complete Fourth Season DVD is a season rich in humor, good friends and life in Manhattan. Gay, straight, man, woman, trans, what have you—putting yourself out there and intentionally sitting at a bar with a stranger can be hard and, frankly, exhausting. Pride of America Jason Elliott, who happens to live here in town, and picked his brain about his perspective on dating in Charlottesville as a gay man.“I try to engage people about different aspects of diversity, and people’s belief systems and values affect how they make sense of things.To pay attention to that, to me, is really important.” Green notes that in a larger city, due to the sheer number of people, LGBTQ minorities are more likely to have access to an array of support groups.Don’t rule out the whole world of online dating based on a few (okay, several) horror stories you may have heard.

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Despite its versatility, though, Charlottesville is a small town.Everybody knows everybody, and as a single person looking for someone to date, the one degree of separation between everyone is definitely a double-edged sword.Elliott isn’t on Tinder or Grindr (anymore), but he says if he were, he would expect to constantly swipe through familiar faces—dated that guy, know someone who slept with him, work across the hall from this one, etc.Force yourself to sit down at a bar where you’re not a regular and won’t be tempted to gravitate toward the people you already know.

Prime Timers Central Virginia This private membership organization allows “mature” gay and bisexual men to get together for social events and general support.

Pride Festival This might go without saying in the annual Pride Issue, but the Saturday, September 19 festival will be a prime spot for meeting people of similar interests.

Why not join in a fantastic evening held in one of Aberdeen’s many venues we have carefully chosen?… continue reading »

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