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He was also on probation for an assault conviction.

On October 25, 2002, having consumed a large amount of whiskey, marijuana, and methamphetamine, and traveling at 70 mph on Southeast Division Street in Portland, Bennett crashed his car into the car of Debra Thornton Holtzheimer, 50, killing her.

We simply try to address those issues from a rigorous scientific perspective, rather than from an ideological perspective.

The Oregonian writes: "Since his release he has been picked up for parole violations and was re-arrested in March 2005 on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm.

Some people assemble their training by rigorous self-study and by attendance at the major sexological organizations' annual conferences.

So seeing a sex therapist is like going to a gynecologist for gynecological problems rather than to a family practice physician. That isn't to say that one couldn't get good help from a non-sex therapist for a sexual issue, it's just that the likelihood might be a bit less.

During the fight, Barbee stabbed and killed Nicholas Wade Setzer, 22.

Barbee was convicted of Manslaughter I and sentenced to the Measure 11 minimum of 10 years in prison.

We are not a "bigger hammer" there to coerce a person who wants less sex into wanting more.

Most sex therapists have a particular awareness of sexuality that rises above personal opinion or personal experiences.

We usually have several choices of ways to treat a particular issue when someone presents it.

He was bailed out on November 5, 2005." On January 20, 2006, Koehrsen was arrested for trespassing and held for public consumption of alcohol.

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He was released the next day after scoring 13 on a scale of 100 for dangerousness.

Martinez' 18-year old daughter Jaddy was hospitalized in critical condition and his pregnant wife, Imelda, 36, was in fair condition.