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1889-present: Machine-made bottles (Jones and Sullivan 1985: 165). Originally made with a finishing tool (Jones and Sullivan 1985).

1905-1982: “Owen’s” mark on bottle base (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002).

1947: Upward trend in world production of aluminum begun (Encyclopedia Britannica 1973 (1): 694).

1820-1925: Tooled finish (Jones and Sullivan 1985: 165).

1906: Owen’s mark first appears on catsup bottles (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

1908: Owen’s mark first appears on vinegar, grape juice, narrow mouth food bottles and European bottles (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

1948: Non-returnable soda bottles introduced (Busch 1987: 77). 1971: Plasti-shield bottles introduced by Owens-Illinois (Kaplan 196).

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This dating guide is intended to provide a simple source for the most common artifacts found in archaeological or historic contexts.

1905-1920: 6 oz, 7 oz, and quart soda pop bottles standardized (Kaplan 1982).

1905: Owen’s mark first appearts on beer, porter, ale, soda water, wine, brandy, milk and patent medicine bottles (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

1912: Owen’s mark first appears on carboys (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

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1914: Blue glass, primarilly Bromo-Seltzer bottles, first produced by Owens machine (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 8). 1924: 9 oz, 10 oz bottles standardized (Kaplan 1982). 1934: Square paper milk container introduced (Busch 1987: 76). 1958: Introduction of plastic 6-pack carriers (Kaplan 1982: 127).1939: Aluminum foil being used to wrap dried fruit, cream cheese, and for beer labels (Sacharow 1978: 111).

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