Sex chating on a boy and a girl

21-Aug-2017 04:47

I looked at it as a chance to exercise my feminine side.

------------------ Live a Lush Life Da Chef Girl, (not meaning to sound critical or anything, but I think you need to think about getting a new name, 'cause it's hard to address you without sounding like somebody on a talk show--"Girl, you get yourself out of that relationship, you hear me? :) although maybe you don't mind that, or shall I address you as A Girl? :confused: People address me as Nott), anyway, are you talking about a sex chat room, or just regular chat, or like what we do here at SDMB?

Because I think that if your friend's friend was pretending to be a woman in a sex chat room, then he was probably doing it just "for kicks", like he said, to see what would happen.

I don't think it's a sign of a serious dysfunction.

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I've known plenty of people who are shy IRL but gregarious online, or fumbling IRL but eloquent online, or friendly IRL but confrontational online, etc.

I can see having some fun with people once in a while. Is it done simply for fun and trickery, or is it indicative of some deeper sociopathological misfunction? ) :) Thanks, A girl I think people who do stuff like that just want the satisfaction of fooling someone... ------------------ ___________________________________________ Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because i'm an arrogant bastard.

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