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On the Intergalactic SLUTS are getting use to our new crewmates, Doctor Winsmore has run her usual test on them and all is fine.

Received a message from Princess Freckles, she and Keplerian Kat have followed the accomplice to the murder of her princess guard to an Ice planet in the Isomatic system called Kanadaye.

Carly's creativity here as i pointed out is unhinged, and I say it in the most positive way.

The series laid out clearly its sort of 'new' premise in the opening episodes, with the introduction of a paranormal element. A completely different tone and pace for episode 5.

Emily's way to handle the camera lets you appreciate the richness of this sci fi world: moves through the whole scenographic apparatus, the space flights, and those gorgeous bodies during sex making you enjoy every calculated motion. This series shines in my consideration for the spectacular amount of work made not to get applauses as it happens, but simply to make things look right and complying with her vision.

I already had the chance to mention how much work goes in a simple 'captain's log' screen. How do you think it's possible, that in a straight cumshot view like this one above, there is no 'outpuring' behind the actress' cranium, like SL unfortunately makes happen most of the time? And Emily's direction and setbuildng is full of this sort of details that I love to cover in a blog post and I would encourage any director to share more with others.

It makes you wonder about the nature of space and time, illusion and reality!His choice of angles is inspired, and the lighting is very flattering on the beautiful actress.We always look forward to the next Wild Erotica movie, with movies from both Morph and Dackster (under his Jay D persona in this vid) always giving a chance to girls who often we don't see at parties and being part of the scene.But one of the finest pleasures of watching porn, to me at least, has always been : Which ludicrous excuse they will find to start fucking? Kayla Whittaker continues her production of genuine hardcore porn shot in SL: if you are looking for the banging, for the raw and hot sex with that casting couch scent, look no further!

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This movie certainly satisfies my kink for unlikely premises, and is shot in a smooth and competent way. Kayla is a real professional who knows how to deliver porn movies who are exactly that: bodies colliding, with her curves being the treat for the viewers, and a co-star, Bane Caedus who we all know having put care and thought in his appearance and who welcomes the chance to shine in a starring role.What happens in this flick, is that this fella, Roland Deschant, stumbles upon a magic bottle and brings it home.