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19-Mar-2017 04:09

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All of this made an indelible mark on my sexual awareness.

Sexual suppression and sexual rebellion in response were both constants in the Bible Belt, where I grew up.

It’s not actually clear how much of giraffe sex is male-on-male, simply because researchers observe it so infrequently.

One paper from 1985 says that in three years of observation, scientists only saw one successful heterosexual mounting (out of 46 attempts) and 16 homosexual ones, though those weren’t all successful.

Once the male rears up on his hind legs and mounts her successfully, he ejaculated in mere seconds.

Sometimes he can go again (and sometimes again after that) each time only for a few seconds—as his partner continually walks away from him. But don’t worry—it’s not just the females who have to deal with what must be a deeply unsatisfying mating ritual. The internet likes to cite the number 94 as the percent of all giraffe sex that’s homosexual in nature.

UPDATE: On Saturday, April 15—well over a month after this article was initially published—April finally gave birth! A giraffe in Harpursville, NY is about to give birth.

Or rather, she’s been “about” to give birth for several days now. The boy giraffe lopes on over to the girl giraffe and rubs against her in what can only be described as gentle whacking.

, the following line: "Every woman knows to get waxed the day she plans on having sex.

Once the male knows he has a fertile female in front of him, he sort of follows her around trying to mount her for a couple of days, often while sporting a frankly alarming erection, and sometimes licking her hind legs.

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