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Therefore, reversible watermarking is required that ensures; (i) watermark encoding and decoding by accounting for the role of all the features in knowledge discovery; and, (ii) original data recovery in the presence of active malicious attacks.In this paper, a robust and semi-blind reversible watermarking (RRW) technique for numerical relational data has been proposed that addresses the above objectives.Sometimes people are aware of other projects and sometimes they aren't. At some point a community wants to "pick a winner" but even as I write this blog post, someone else we haven't met yet is likely making the next great bundler/minifier. I'm going to take a look at Shannon Deminck's "Smidge" in this post. Bundle Request Model) - Model State is Validdbug: Smidge. Smidge Controller[0] Processing bundle 'my-css', debug? Advancement in information technology is playing an increasing role in the use of information systems comprising relational databases.These databases are used effectively in collaborative environments for information extraction; consequently, they are vulnerable to security threats concerning ownership rights and data tampering.To this end, this paper proposes a novel approach based on the partially-supervised alignment model, which regards identifying opinion relations as an alignment process.

However, such techniques are usually not robust against malicious attacks and do not provide any mechanism to selectively watermark a particular attribute by taking into account its role in knowledge discovery.Experimental studies prove the effectiveness of RRW against malicious attacks and show that the proposed technique outperforms existing ones.Polarity classification of words is important for applications such as Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis.Smidge supports minification, combination, compression for JS/CSS files and features a fluent syntax for creating and configuring bundles I'll start from "dotnet new mvc" and then:dotnet add package smidge Writing C:\Users\scott\App Data\Local\Temp\tmp325B.tmpinfo : Adding Package Reference for package 'smidge' into project 'C:\Users\scott\Desktop\smidgenweb\smidgenweb.csproj': Restoring packages for C:\Users\scott\Desktop\smidgenweb\smidgenweb.csproj...... Controller Action Invoker[1] Executing action method Smidge.

SNIP..: Installing Smidge 3.0.0: Package 'smidge' is compatible with all the specified frameworks in project 'C:\Users\scott\Desktop\smidgenweb\smidgenweb.csproj': Package Reference for package 'smidge' version '3.0.0' added to file 'C:\Users\scott\Desktop\smidgenweb\smidgenweb.csproj'.

The same would apply if I made a library but a core committer also made a similar one. Virtual File Result Executor[1] Executing File Result, sending file The minified results are cached wherever you want (remember I said App_Data): This is a SUPER simple example.

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