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Anomalous activity has been documented by the Foundation since its inception in ████, and evidence exists of such activity dating back to the beginnings of recorded history.However, shortly after the formal establishment of the Foundation, this activity increased sharply, and early statistical models suggested a coordinated actor behind a significant amount of documented anomalies.The records of this communication are limited to Level 5 clearance at this time.Upon receiving the communication from SCP-001, Project Serapis (later known as SCP-2798) was initiated. Delegation is occurring on a rolling basis, and as information becomes available, we are publishing here.

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This message has been transmitted in a Grade B Subconscious Suggestibility modality cognitohazard. The communications network for Site-23 is non-operational at this time. You will be notified when the network is back in working order. 3/11/2016 GMT — I am in the secure control room with Captain Hughes' credentials and a lot of blood on my lab coat.Item #: SCP-001 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: From 23 December 1971 to 2 November 2016, SCP-001 was contained by the existence of SCP-2798.

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