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Between September and October 2001, Joe called Lahnmann almost constantly but then stopped calling for the next three months when he realized she was not answering his calls.

But soon after, she said the calls once again picked up.

"Thirteen percent of the females had been stalked within six months of entering university," she said.

Assistant University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said most people who are stalked approach police for advice on how to deal with the situation.

Yet that night of fun turned into a prolonged nightmare for Lahnmann.

Stalking occurs when anyone follows, e-mails, phones or communicates "obsessively" to the point where it makes the victim afraid or concrened for their safety, said Hilary Merlin, the relationship and sexual violence prevention coordinator of the University's Health Center.

"He doesn't have a set job -- he moves from place to place," she said.

University Police statistics reveal only four such cases were reported in 2003, compared to two in 2002, seven in 2001 and five in 2000."I saw him in a bar one night and he started telling me that I was lying that I didn't love him," she said."He was upset that I was not returning his feelings." Lahnmann said he used to bring girls to his home and then call her from the neighboring room while the girls were asleep.But when Joe said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her within a month, she backed away from him, telling him she didn't feel the same way.

Joe persisted in his attempts to woo her, followed her wherever she went and "cried buckets" as he begged her to accept him, Lahnmann said.

"I even had a guy pretending to be my husband call him once to kind of help in throwing him off my back, " she said.