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I think the way that we do it keeps audiences engaged.I think it’s the fact that we play the humor seriously and we’re not going campy with our performances.I think the effort that we make is to make each season different. He originally only had two lines so we knew there had to be more to him than that. As we start to see him in season 5 we see there is more to him and he is a much smoother and dangerous than we originally thought. SW: “Clone Wars” has been very reasonable with my schedule.

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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.DIABOLIQUE: After having done three seasons of the show, do you have any input over the creative direction of your characters?Is there a camaraderie amongst the cast to make sure everyone stays in line with their characters traits?So it’s fun to talk with him and go,”‘Okay let’s take a glimpse at those characters for a little bit.

Let’s go back to what we were doing when we started.” That really illustrates to you how you’ve changed as an actor, especially when you’re doing a scene and there’s all these comedic targets of opportunity and moments where you can adlib something funny.It’s nice to walk away with a new skill set you didn’t have before you took a job.