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20-May-2017 05:30

THE PHOTOS In 2013, Thornton’s sister, Kathy Thornton, saw an online display of photos taken by Alcala decades earlier, and recognized the subject of one of those photos as her sister.After that, investigative work by police in Huntington Beach and Wyoming – and a link to a federal database, Nam US, which matches DNA evidence to remains of unidentified people – helped connect the alleged crime to the picture.When asked if she left the area with him, Alcala said no, according to the warrant.When investigators pressed him, asking if she was alive when he left her, he replied, “She was alive before I left her.” HE’S MURDERED BEFORE The charge filed Tuesday is the latest step in Alcala’s complex, sometimes byzantine criminal history.

When asked if the land looked familiar, Alcala said, “It’s part of my area.” And when presented with the photo of Thornton on the motorcycle, Alcala told investigators that he knew Thornton and took the picture.

Over the decades, investigators linked Alcala to other homicides in Los Angeles, San Francisco, upstate New York, New Hampshire and Seattle.

In 2010, Alcala was convicted of sexually assaulting and killing Samsoe as well as Jill Barcomb, 18, of Los Angeles; Georgia Wixted, 27, of Malibu; Charlotte Lamb, 31, of El Segundo; and Jill Parenteau, 21, of Burbank.

“This wouldn’t be solved if he didn’t have a hunch,” Handy said of Ellis.

“This is a case of a detective who was super passionate.” ALCALA REACTION The new murder charge against Alcala might not change his status.The man once nicknamed “The Dating Game Killer” because he appeared on that game show while in the midst of his killing rampage may have as many as 130 victims across the country, police in Wyoming said Tuesday, citing estimates by authorities.