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15-Aug-2016 16:30

cat=41 It’s important to know when virtual relationships are taking precedence over real life ones, but on uk, that will never happen:

cat=7 We absolutely hated uk, and that means that we’ll be glad if we never see it again. This is one site that just isn’t worth a second glance, or even a first. uk is a fantastic site that really gets the job done.

Because of that, there’s absolutely no reason we’d recommend it. It’s really crappy, and that’s because the site owners honestly don’t care about you or anyone else. That’s evident in everything that’s done on this site, and it makes for a really obnoxious environment, and not one that’s going to get you a date. That’s why it’s better to skip it, and check out a real site that’s going to help you out instead. Being the best of the best requires proof, and we’ve got that.

Members characteristics are measured thoroughly by taking a free psychometric test when signing up. to complete and it does a thorough personality, behavior, and attitude analysis to give you a better chance of finding someone you will really match with.

There just aren’t really any people on this site except a lot of sad, depressed men that can’t get what they want.

That means that people will try out this site, and just end up very disappointed.

This site is a prime example in how not to attract women.

If you can’t get that down pat, though, then there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll ever be able to make a good dating site. The more you dig into this site, the more you’ll realize that it’s just empty.

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We aren’t sure what they’re doing, but…they can’t be happy. Sometimes, a long distance relationship isn’t going to be what you need, and on a site like uk, that’s for the best: From those 49 responses, not a single woman wanted to meet up with us.