Retro dating

05-Sep-2016 03:35

So, yes retroactive date is a technical term for the industry, but one it’s important for small business owners to understand.

Do you know how far back your PI policy covers you for work done?

I feel awkward, but call my insurer to notify them. This is where the term retroactive date becomes important for small businesses.

My feelings of awkwardness turn to feelings of horror when, on due consideration, my insurer declines the claim. When buying a policy, one question you will be asked is from when you want the policy to run.

Why the claim may be declined So why might my claim for Newman’s Widget Consultancy have been declined?

Remember that during my first year of trading money was tight and I chose not to buy any PI cover.

Whoever it is, they require me to carry PI as part of my contract, so I do, buying a policy without any particular difficulty, and sleep well at night knowing that if anything should go wrong, I am now protected. A few months later, a claim comes in to Newman’s Widget Consultancy from one of my early clients regarding work I did for them during my first year of trading.

It seems the sexual revolution of the 1960s, while a great thing initially, now seems to have gone so far off the deep end as so many people think nothing of hooking up with a new person they barely know.

My biggest complaint with so-called modern dating are the numerous sites and apps that are marketed to supposedly help people find a long-term, meaningful relationship.

If the answer’s no, you may want to check your policy with your insurer for peace of mind.

I can't tell you how many times I started this blog post only to scrap it. In some ways, our parents and grandparents had it easier. And if things went sour once they were married, divorce was frowned upon.

Apparently from what some of my 22yr old friends say, kissing someone means nothing these days. I dont lock lips unless I see fit and she's worth my effort to pursue her…but I guess times have changed?