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05-Oct-2017 22:56

Unfortunately, if you did not add an email address to your Vine account before deleting your Twitter, we cannot verify you as the owner of your account and will be unable to give you access or delete your account.However, if you would like the account to be permanently suspended, please email [email protected] you forgot your password, use the “forgot your password? You must have an email address associated with your account in order to reset your password.You will get an error if you do not have an email address and attempt to reset your password.

The Vine Camera has no login or community features, but allows you to continue to make 6.5 second looping videos (Vines).

You can log in to your Vine account by tapping the “Sign in with Twitter” link.

Ensure you’re choosing the Twitter account you used to sign up for Vine.

Since the transition to the Vine Camera App, it is not possible to transfer Vine followers to Twitter.

Yes, embedded Vines on Twitter and the web still play while the archive is available.

Log in to your account on, visit your settings screen and use the delete functionality.

You will appear (and remain) on the front page of the site after 2 minutes have passed... … continue reading »

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