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30-Sep-2017 08:30

She says that she still really wants to have friends and belong to a group, but you have to be a friend in order to have friends. Lee Anne is attracted to gossip like a bee to honey.

Her biggest hinderance is her need to find out the scoop on everyone and pass it along as freely as she gets it.

I want to start by first congratulating my bestie, Lee Anne Locken, on her engagement to Rich!

Jeremy and I love you both so much, and we look forward to celebrating this exciting time in your life with multiple parties and lots of champagne!

Now, onto the rest of the drama that happened this week.

I am really over the talking behind one another’s backs in this group. Let’s start with Lee Anne and the motivational speaking event that she prepared so diligently for, only to immediately backslide.

This is why I understand Lee Anne and why we are such close friends.

Lee Anne was speaking at the Essential Energy event about overcoming.

These people are lucky to have a few family members that are alive, much less a group of friends to support them. Please keep Jeremy and me in your prayers, but most of all, keep the refugees of this terrible war in your prayers.

Tomorrow, I will be with her as she hears for the first time.

Today, I prayed with a woman that is very ill who barely escaped from the war with nothing but the clothes on her back.

He was a wonderful person, and I loved him very much, but the alcohol made it very difficult to ever truly know who he was, and his actions put me in danger at times and confused my perceptions about adult relationships and communication in general.

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My father ended up taking his life two weeks after my first wedding, and I still have trouble forgiving him and wondering if there was anything I could have done to prevent it. I don’t think I ever truly grieved the way a normal person would.I just finished an uplifting speech, and I want to keep things on a positive note.” That is a good way to shut down the chit-chat without being abrasive and overtly obvious.

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