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19-Nov-2017 13:52

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It’s all well and good to talk about how heat beads randomly walk around inside of a material, but if that material isn’t uniform or has an edge, then suddenly the math gets remarkably nasty.

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Answer Gravy: This gravy is just to delve into why picturing heat flow in terms of the random motion of hypothetical particles is a good idea.This is why the idea of “heat beads” is a useful intuition to use; the same math that describes the random motion of particles also describes how heat spreads through materials.In one of his terribly clever 1905 papers, Einstein described how the random motion of individual atoms gives rise to diffusion. Adding up the probabilities from every possible starting position is the sort of thing integrals were made for: So far this is standard probability fare.It’s well worth taking a stroll through statistical mechanics every now and again.

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The diffusion of heat is governed, not surprisingly, by the “diffusion equation”.The corners cool off faster because there are more opportunities for “heat beads” to fall out of the material there.