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If you do not do that we have a right to exclude you and we WILL use it.Yes I know you're raring to get going out into the world to beat up that troll, rescue a fair damsel and grab the gold!The roleplay evolves and actions bring consequences.Storylines continue and there is a continuity of life in this world.

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So you need to consider - does the thought of a muscular barbarian picking up a protesting nymph and taking her over the table upset you? What about if that barbarian captures an elf girl and puts his collar round her neck, taking away her freedom and making her his property?Taking a look at the Races and Classes sections will give you some good ideas and will also tell you how we define such things here in Belariath.While it's possible to make some changes later on, it does help you if you make the correct decisions right from the start.Right, you're still here so I guess you are ready to go.

First you will need to register a character in our database. There is an option to be male or female, and to choose a race and class.If these topics disturb you, this is not the right place to visit.