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It indicates which, here and now, is the golden mean wherein the essence of all virtue lies.

It has nothing to do with directly willing the good it discerns.

It is to be observed that prudence, whilst possessing in some sort an empire over all the moral virtues, itself aims to perfect not the will but the intellect in its practical decisions.

Its function is to point out which course of action is to be taken in any round of concrete circumstances.

Thus it is true that prudence and the other moral virtues are mutually interdependent.

Imprudence in so far as it implies a want of obligatory prudence and not a mere gap in practical mentality is a sin, not however always necessarily distinct from the special wicked indulgence which it happens to accompany.

But it must not be forgotten that prudence is a virtue adequately distinct from the others, and not simply a condition attendant upon their operation.

Its office is to determine for each in practice those circumstances of time, place, manner, etc.

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Nothing is wrong with the word “purity.” There are multiple words used the New Testament that can be translated “pure” or “clean,” so it ought to be a word in our vocabulary. In his book, One of the most vexing questions for fathers bringing up kids in this tawdry world is the matter of entertainment standards and how to protect his family from the rising levels of crassness we see everywhere.

But then we discover later, to our dismay, that this is not what He was asking for at all.

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