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1) A place out in the middle of nowhere in Washington, right next to Idaho.(Washington seems to have a lot of cities out in the middle of fucking nowhere).2) Somewhere people can go to get really really drunk on weekends.3) Place you will find people like Aaron and Orion starting this fall.1) "I'm headed off to Pullman." "Wtf are you going there for? " "WSU Pullman..." "Oh that's right, there's a college there." "Yeah... It’s difficult for me to remain silent, and neutral: should I be snootily indignant that anyone could believe that Oxford doesn’t really exist, or is it a great compliment to Philip Pullman that a youngster could assume that His Dark Materials starts in an imaginary city?

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I wondered if Philip Pullman’s imagination simply fired up each morning, or whether he needed to walk around, looking afresh at everyday objects?When The Amber Spyglass [the third and final book in the His Dark Materials trilogy] was published, the All Souls Mallard procession was taking place: every 100 years they take this wooden drake out of a cupboard, and march it round the quad, singing the Mallard Song, to commemorate something that happened around 1600.Apparently, one of the fellows told me, this last time they decided to have a duck as well, on grounds of sex equality.In Birmingham, I was busier and had less time, but I gave a few notes, and talked to the cast about the way the characters develop.

“I like the simplicity with which Birmingham have had to stage the play — they haven’t got a revolving stage like the National, and can’t make it zoom upwards, and sink downwards.Famously, he campaigned for the casting of Nicole Kidman to play the dangerous Mrs Coulter in The Golden Compass, the film of the first His Dark Materials book.